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This website is in NO WAY connected to hate groups or established for any political/racial agenda. 

 If your looking for a "Hate Web Site", you need to click and exit this Web Site NOW!   This site is focused on the historical

perpetuation of Southern Battle Flags, and Civil War re-enactment.  

This is a Love affair (Making flags) with preserving our heritage.

I am a re-enactor and will trade!  




 Confederate Seal  


Click on the Confederate Seal or go to the bottom of the page to see my work!!



     I began making Southern Battle Flags after an extensive search for a replica of our local unit flag.  I could not find one

 pre-fabricated, and a custom flag was too expensive!  So, I decided to buy a used sewing machine and try to make one myself! 

The flag did not turn out too bad, so I have been making custom made Battle Flags since that time.

     I specialize in non standard flags; Hardee's, VanDorn's, Polk's, etc. flags, with unit names, battle honors, odd star shapes,

and appliqués.  Custom work is my specialty, I pride myself on quality work and attention to detail.

My flags are exact visual replicas!!!  Satisfaction is guaranteed 100%


I was recently promoted to Ordnance Corporal, and served as a "file Closer"
the weather was nice, as was a candlelight
graveside Ceremony for 43 Confederate Veterans and 1.
Revolutionary War Soldier buried in the Churches Cemetery.
A Good Time was had by all!

Photo Compliments of Ethan Gallo, Co Clerk

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See you on the battlefield!!!


For more information about Rebel Flags, or to place an order, you can reach me

 by telephone or  mailto:alabamaflagdepot@yahoo.com

Please leave this information in your email:
Your name, and email address. I will need your phone number

if the flag is especially complicated. I will also need a picture, photo copy, scan, 

or a sketch with dimensions.

Note: I can make any flag as long as I can see a picture of some kind.


My address and telephone number are:

Charles Linderman

63 Wright Road

Daleville, Alabama 36322

(334) 598-2625 or call 1-877-680-2295

 mail to:alabamaflagdepot@yahoo.com


Webmaster Mail: crow@mctcnet.net



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