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A part of the Alabama Flag Depot

13thstarbattle.jpg (44694 bytes)

Standard Battle flag 44x44 Army of Northern Virginia 13 star, white border basic flag $75.00

15thalabamareunion.jpg (63536 bytes)


15th Alabama reunion flag made out of bunting, with appliquéd Battle of honors.


Weather wore flag


This is an example of a flag exposed to the weather without scotch guard.   This flag hung outside our house for 18 months, it went through two hurricanes, three tornados, numerous severe thunderstorms, and a lot of bright sun.


17th18thtexas.jpg (44968 bytes)

The copy 17th-18th Texas Cav (dismounted), from Hardee's/Clebournes division and is hand painted.

17th-18thTexasorgin.jpg (77833 bytes)

The original 17th 18th Texas flag is located in the Texas State Library and Archives.



58thnorthcarol.jpg (25357 bytes)



58th North Carolina Regt. with "Cannon" battle honors.

DickTaylor1.jpg (33645 bytes)

Dick Taylor Battle flag Dept. of Western Louisiana 44x44 inches, cotton.  Named after commander General Dick Taylor.

40thMissVanDorn1.jpg (32162 bytes)



Van Dorn flag also known as the Trans-Mississippi battle flag. This flag is a copy of the 40th Miss Regt. they were captured at Vicksburg. Flag is made of cotton bunting w/appliquéd stars.

btryD5tharty1.jpg (36527 bytes)


Battery flag (guidon) for Battery "D" 5th United States Artillery,  they were a training Battery from West Point Military Academy. Hand painted on cotton. Original in West Point collection.


15thala2.jpg (28147 bytes)



This small flag was attached to a Bayonette and used as a company Guidon and Camp maker approx.1x2.

3rd5thmiss1.jpg (59576 bytes)



12 star Army of Tennessee Battle flag 41x56 inches and has sewn Battle honors 1864 version.