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A part of Alabama Flag Depot


  • Below you will find many samples of my work.

  • Please click on the thumbnails to see all the flags in larger version.

  • Other flags available are listed on the bottom of this page along with the prices.


The"Battle Honors" flag


Technical drawing

drawflag4.gif (31070 bytes)


Finished Product

18thregalavols.jpg (20129 bytes)


The Painted "Hardee's" flag



Technical drawingdraw6.gif (43910 bytes)




Finished Product

33rdala.jpg (10048 bytes)





15thpaintbattle.jpg (26906 bytes)

15th Alabama infantry A.N.V

 type IV

with painted battle honors.



15threunion.jpg (30813 bytes)

15th Alabama infantry (reunion) with appliquéd battle of honors and Company Letter.



1sttenpolk.jpg (19943 bytes)


1st Tenn. "Polk" flag painted and Appliquéd.

15thala12star.jpg (34215 bytes)


15th Alabama 12 Star Infantry flag A.N.V type 1


Two new flags

newflag.jpg (101458 bytes)

newflag1.jpg (46161 bytes)


Flags are made out of 100% light weight, color fast material. Generally a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, this holds up and wears well. 

Other materials available

Flannel, bunting and different weight materials on hand.

Hardatwork.jpg (61227 bytes)


Hard at work

All flags are custom made, by hand, one at a time. No mass production the emphasis is on quality and visual accuracy.  No "Farby" Flags. 


Custom made!!!


Note: "Farb" is a re-enactors term for fake, poorly made, or non-historical item or representation.


Flags start at $50.00 and go up depending on sizes, shapes and difficulty of manufacture.

  • Infantry flag A. N. V. - $65.00

  • Artillery flag A. N. V.- $60.00

  • Cavalry flag A. N. V.- $60.00

  • Hardee's flag - $50.00

More Prices ------------>


Prices For Lettering


  • Battle Honors (sewn) single side.

$5.00 for the first 7 letters.

.80 cents per additional letter.

Example: Shiloh = 6 letters $5.00

Yorktown = 8 letters $5.80

  • Battle Honors (painted)

.40 per letter

Example: FRANKLIN 8@ .40 = $3.20

  • Unit Designations (2 inch letters)

$22.00 for the first 12 letters / numbers.

  • Method Of Attachment

Sleeve, ties etc... up to 5 ties @ no additional cost


  • Combinations of Appliquéd & Painted Designs

  • Cannon Honor

  • Bayonet Honor

  • Fringe

  • Hand Embroidery

  • Streamers

Available Flags

  • 1st National Flag "Stars & Bars"

  • 2nd National Flag "Jackson flag"

  • 3rd National  Flag "Blood Stained Banner"

  • Bonnie Blue

  • 1st/ 2nd Naval Jacks

  • Georgia Militia War Flag

  • Hardee/Clebourne Flag-(round or oval "moon")

  • Dept.of E. Tenn.

  • Army of  Tenn. (Infantry-Artillery)

  • Army W. Tenn.

  • Dept. of Western LA.

  • Dept. Of Alabama

  • Army of Northern VA. (all variants)

  • Polks Battle Flag (11&13 star variants)

  • Maury's Division

  • Trans Mississippi Dept.

  • Trans Mississippi Dept.

  • Dick Taylor's Divs.

  • Van Dorn's Divs.

  • Braggs Corps (1st & 2nd variants)

U.S. Army Flags

  • 1-15 Corps & Divisions

  • Artillery - (mounted) Guidons

  • Cavalry Guidons- Hospital Flags


Others on request!!

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Feel free to call me at 1-877-680-2295





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